imgvallecolchaguaColchagua, land of tradition, where you can connect with rural life. One of the best wine valleys, according to the magazine Wines Enthusiastic.

Valley Location: Located in central Chile in the sixth region. It is a valley formed by the river cross Tinguiririca. The distance between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes mountain range is 120 km, leading a special atmosphere particularly conducive to the cultivation of vines.

Climate: The climate in the Valley is a typical warm Mediterranean climate with four distinct seasons. Average summer temperatures range from 28 º C maximum to 12.5 º C minimum. While winters range from 12 º C maximum and minimum 4 º C.

Landscape: In the Valley's major cities are the most typical and ancient villages, mansions and parks of the old farms and the greatest expression of modern agriculture that characterizes this area. Large plantations of vines, together with those of table grapes, citrus, plum, etc... And planting of traditional crops, dominate the landscape. Resulting from irrigation canals, the fields are divided into defined areas and surrounded by rows of trees. Most of them (poplar, willow, eucalyptus, acacia) are of foreign origin and reflect a specific era (second half of the nineteenth century) Covered with trees found in plazas and streets of cities.


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  • Museums
  • Equestrian Sports
  • Bike Tour
  • Regional Festivals
  • Rodeo
  • Hand-Crafts
  • Beaches (Pichilemu, Bucalemu, Llico, Lake Vichuquen)
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  • Astronomical Center
  • Local Heritage Communities (Lolol-Cultural Heritage, Paredones,Pumanque)
  • Colchagua's Casino
  • Information on heritage routes
  • Access to other tourist sites close to the seventh region