In addition to the variety of birds that live in our gardens, you can also visit LAS PATAGUAS lagoon which provides a natural habitat and refuge for specific rare and vulnerable species.


If you have an interest in learning how to cook local Chilean ("tipica campestre"), you can sign up for our onsite cooking classes.

  • Our mother Elsa is the ideal person to convey her in depth knowledge of the Chilean cuisine.
  • The resulting dishes will then be shared and paired with local wines of the Colchagua valley ($)

The night skies of Solaz Bella Vista de Colchagua provides a perfect opportunity to gaze upon the multitude of stars using our onsite telescope.

"I wonder, whether the stars are set alight in heaven so that one day each of us may find his own again…” ...The Little Prince – chapter 17

Cerro Chamán observatory: 12 km from Solaz Bella Vista de Colchagua.

The program includes an introduction and an audiovisual presentation followed by gazing through different telescopes, featuring a computerized Celestron 14-inch telescope located in a large astronomical dome (reservations required $).