h2_location_enBoutique Hotel Bellavista is located on the way to Lolol 10 kilometers from Santa Cruz driving on I-72 road, passing the “Cruce de Panamá”, on the right. For more information you can contact us by phone (56)9 78083785 or (56)9 88071229.h2_Map_to_bellavista_en


From Santiago by car:

  • Take Route 5 South.
  • Past San Fernando take Route I-50 to Santa Cruz, Pichilemu.
  • Once in Santa Cruz continue after passing the “Plaza de Armas”.
  • Turn Left on “May 21” street towards O’Higgins Avenue.
  • Turn Left on O’Higgins Avenue.
  • Turn Right towards the road to Lolol past La Lahuela and Cruce Panama.
  • Our Bellavista sign on the right hand side of the road

From South:

  • Take Route 5 North.
  • The first city of the Colchagua Valley you will find is “Chimbarongo”, to go to Santa Cruz you have to take the route to Teno town (still in the 7th region), taking the road over level named “Teno Sur”.
  • This way will lead you to the “Chépica” Town, and then to the City of “Santa Cruz”, after about 40 kms from the intersection called “Teno Sur” in the 5 North Route.
  • Once you have arrived to the “Plaza de Armas”, follow the same instructions given in the From Santiago section

Inter-City Buses:

  • Depart from Santiago “Terminal Sur” Bus Station.
  • Purchase your bus tickets from any Bus company that travels to SantaCruz.
  • Once in Santa Cruz Bus Station, take any taxi. Ask the driver to take you to “Bellavista deColchagua – past Cruce de Panama on the right hand side of the road”.


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From Bellavista to… Minutos
Centro de Santa Cruz 8
San Fernando 40
Bucalemu 60
Pichilemu 80
Viña Viu Manentt 15 a 20
Lolol 20
Viña Santa Cruz 15
Viñas de Apalta 15 a 20
Viña Neyen 25
Museo El Huique 25

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